Traffic management scheme

Road works were completed over the summer to the pedestrian refuge at the A29 crossroads with Reynolds Lane and Mill Road.There is no doubt that this stretch of road is becoming increasingly busy and with the projected developments in the area, this is not going to change. The County Council’s Highways project team are therefore looking at implementing further speed reduction measures on this stretch of the A29 for example enhancing the existing signs to make them more conspicuous and possibly the introduction of some carriageway SLOW markings.

They have also recently (end of January 2019) put in place a means of capturing traffic data about vehicle speeds. This is important because it will provide valuable information and evidence to support the case for further improvements. The concerns of residents on London Road about the increasing pressure in terms of volume and size of traffic are shared by the Council. We continue to press for further significant and more meaningful improvements at this junction and on the northbound carriageway of the A29 leading up to it. Communication is a key element and the Parish Council have asked for a meeting with West Sussex Highways and or a presentation of the data capture and planned works once they are known. Progress is monitored by the Parish Council at its meetings and we will keep you informed of progress through articles in the Parish Magazine.

The data gathered has confirmed (July 2019) that the road meets the criteria for the installation of a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) on the northbound approach to the junction.

However, local and national policy requires the county council to explore all other possibilities before considering a VAS. In the first instance they are required to look at improvements to the traffic signs and road markings followed by speed reduction measures.

Yellow backed signs have been installed (Jan 2020), with the yellow backing intended to make them more conspicuous particularly in areas where surrounding vegetation/tree canopy casts a shadow over the sign assembly.