Parish Council Meeting – May 4th 2021, Agenda Item 12.

At Tuesday’s Parish Council meeting – May 4th –  members will vote under agenda item 12 to confirm the basis of its application under Operation Watershed and authorise submission.

Members will vote on the proposal that –

  • two separate applications are made, one which is based on the original scheme provided by the Council and another that incorporates the variation provided by Price and Myers.
  • the willow tree is not felled before 1 August 2021 to allow for a decision to be made on the applications.

Operation Watershed does not anticipate it will make any decisions on submitted applications until early June at the earliest due to May’s elections, which will allow time for costings to be obtained for both the Council’s original scheme and the variation.

As elements of both schemes involve drainage assets in the public highway Operation Watershed along with Highways Drainage will consider and evaluate both applications against a scorecard and make a decision.