Recreation Grounds

Slindon – Top Playing Field


The Top Playing Field is a recreational area that is open to the public. The attention of all users is drawn to the following byelaws which are currently in operation.

Dogs are allowed but, in accordance with the byelaws made under sections 12 and 15 of the open spaces act 1906 and section 164 of the public health act 1895, they must be kept on a lead at all times.

Please keep the gate shut at all times.

A copy of the byelaws are attached

Slindon Common – Recreation Ground


The common is open to the public. Use of the grounds is governed by bylaws made under section 8 (1) (d) of the Local Government Act 1894.

Please avoid:

  1. Leaving litter
  2. Lighting fires
  3. The use of vehicles
  4. Damaging the trees and the pitches

A copy of the byelaws are attached.