Highways Matters

An image of cars in the village in the late 1940s – courtesy of Mrs P Taylor of Thakeham – but does anyone recognise where the cars are parked? If you do, please let us know!

A27 Arundel Bypass Consultation 2019

Slindon’s Council’s formal decision re consultation process – A27 Arundel Bypass.

The Council listened to the public representations and, having balanced the needs of Arundel with a desire to negate the impact on local villages, voted to support the Crimson option. It objected to the Magenta route. In response to the second question (B2) on the Consultation response form, the Council supported the Beige route, with the proviso that it carries a 40 mph speed limit and single carriageway and appropriate narrative to this effect was provided under question B5.

Announcement – 16 October 2020 – Grey Route (Option 5BV1) – chosen as  preferred route. The Highways England site provides the latest updates.

A29 Traffic Calming Measures

At the Council’s meeting on 13 July 2020 the clerk shared an update from West Sussex County Council (WSCC) regarding the possibility of a Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) device for the northbound carriage way on the approach to the Reynolds Lane/Mill Road junction. Based on vehicle speeds recorded south of the junction and with no accidents involving personal injury recorded on the northbound carriageway it is not considered a viable site for a VAS at the present time.

The council has 2 options –

  1. Fund its own VAS device at a possible cost of £10000 plus annual servicing charges of £500.
  2. Ask WSCC to install a VAS through the ‘Community Highways Scheme’, although it is unlikely to meet the scheme awarding criteria.

The council is waiting for the outcome of the A27 Consultation Process, and it was agreed that no further action would be taken pending an announcement on the new A27 route.

Draft Minutes 13 July 2020 Annex B (Minute 32)

Community Speedwatch

Vetted volunteers over the age of 18 can be trained to use speed calming equipment, loaned for short periods of time which can be deployed at safe, risk assessed locations within the village.

Locations can only be within 20, 30 and 40mph zones and there must be a safe place for volunteers to stand, i.e. a pavement or grass verge.

The two pieces of equipment available are a Speed Indicator Device (SID) and a Genesis handheld device.

Those who are interested in forming a community group can log in to Community Speedwatch online via the Community Speedwatch site.

Registering will allow the group to book out two different pieces of speed calming equipment that can be deployed at risk assessed and approved locations within the village.

Public Rights of Way (PROW)

WSCC has suspended the 15 month Inspection and Maintenance Cycle, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is currently only taking action on Public Rights of Way where reported issues require work to ensure public safety on the network. Other enquiries will be logged so they can be prioritised and addressed in the future when normal working practices resume. The Highways and Transport Team are currently reviewing when they can re-start inspections in line with government guidance and ask you for your patience in dealing with issues that arise.

Landowners are responsible for any side vegetation encroaching onto the path and any structures on the PROW network, such as stiles and gates. If appropriate to do so please contact the landowner, if known, directly to make them aware of the issue but if not you can continue to report such issues by contacting WSCC.