Agendas and Minutes - General Information

It is a legal requirement to publicly display agendas at least three clear days before council meetings and Slindon Parish Council posts these to the website and also on noticeboards within the Parish.

The agenda details the business that will be transacted at the meeting and decisions can only be lawfully made on those issues specifically detailed on the agenda.

If you require sight of a past agenda that is not on the website please contact the Clerk who will be happy to supply a copy.

The minutes of each council meeting are intended to provide a clear record of the formal decisions or resolutions that have been made at that meeting.

The minutes that appear on the website are in draft format although the Clerk holds signed copies of the minutes once they have been approved at the next meeting.

If you wish to access draft minutes held by our Clerk that are not available on our website for the period 2012- March 2022, please contact us.

Signed minutes up to March 2022 have been archived and are available at the West Sussex Record Office.

Signed minutes from April 2022 to date are held by the Clerk.